Waxing, Tanning & Ear Piercing

 Beauty Treatments Notice

A skin test is required 24 hrs prior to your first appointment when booking in for the following treatments

Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash Tinting

If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us


Prices Start from:


Eyebrows  -  £5.00

Eyebrow Reshape  -  £6.50

Lip  -  £3.50

Chin  -  £4.50

Half Leg  -  £10.00

Full Leg  -  £17.00

Basic Bikini  -  £7.00

Brazilian  -  £13.00

Hollywood - £20.00

Under Arm  -  £7.00

Back  -  £13.00

1/2 Arm  -  £8.00

Full Arm - £10.00

Chest  -  £11.00

Aftercare Advice

Avoid wearing tight clothing or fluffy insides within 24 hrs following the treatment
Exfoliate the skin every 3-5 days starting 3 days after treatment
Avoid scratching or touching the treated area with unwashed hands
No Hot baths or showers (luke warm to cool water only)
Avoid swimming
Don't apply body sprays, deodorants or moisturize within 24 hours 
if any inflammation, swelling, redness, raised bumps or chemical reaction in the skin are visible, seek medical advice

Lashes & Tinting

Prices Start from:

Eyelash Tinting  -  £8.50

Eyebrow Tinting  -  £6.00

Individual Cluster Lashes  -  £15.00

Lash Lift - £30.00 

Aftercare Advice

All clients wanting to book a tinting treatment will need to be giving a skin test 24 hours before treatment Lashes - do not keep touching lashes Avoid steam rooms for 24 hours Can use mascara but when taking off may take lashes off too Can use waterproof mascara Remove eyeliner carefully

Ear Piercing

Prices Start from: 

£8.00 per ear pierced

2 Ears pierced £15.00

Spray Tanning

Full body crazy angel spray tan £15.00